Criminal Background Checks

Unlike other health and safety provisions in the law, the requirement to conduct background checks is not limited to providers serving children receiving CCDF. States must establish background check requirements for staff members of licensed, regulated, or registered child care providers or child care providers eligible to deliver CCDF-funded services (except relatives), including prospective staff members of child care providers.

Child care providers receiving CCDF funds are prohibited from employing child care staff members who refuse to consent to the check, provide false statements, are registered (or required to be registered) on a sex offender registry, or who have been convicted of certain crimes. All requirements, policies, and procedures regarding background check requirements must be made available to the public on a state website and through other appropriate means.



[1] CCDBG Act of 2014 658H; Child Care and Development Fund, 45 C.F.R. § 98.43 (2016).